Day 47 Character Day 5 Tacky

While it’s only seems fair that I would include some of the children’s books that really got me started in a love of reading, there could really only be one. While The Boxcar Children series, Horrible Harry, Matt Christopher sports series, anything about Robin Hood or Peter Pan, books by Gary Paulsen, lots of the other action heroes/cartoons, etc were all fabulous, in the end it has to be Tacky the Penguin. Tacky the Penguin, by Helen Lester introduces us to a penguin named Tacky, who was an odd little bird.

Where most authors in children’s books use model citizen’s to explain who we should be, Tacky is a very unique individual. Where all the other penguins he knows follow their own set principles and set of rules, Tacky chooses his own path. The other penguins in the story did everything in an organized manner, Tacky was anything but organized. As we’ve already covered I’m very much in a state of organized chaos myself, maybe I should blame Tacky for that.

The real take home message that Tacky teaches us is that it’s okay to be your own unique personality. Sometimes that is what is really needed in this world. You can’t be afraid of what other people are saying, doing, or thinking just because what you do is different. Tacky also has a unique love for life and that passion and pure self identity is only something I can ever strive to become.

What Children’s character when looking back has really shaped who you strive to become?

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