Day 45 Character Day 3 Andrew Wiggins

I think from the moment that I was about half way into the book, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card became my favorite book. Where there are a lot of things where I kind of say it depends for my favorites, there really hasn’t been any swaying in my love of Ender. For those unaware or not having watched the movie, Andrew Wiggins aka Ender, is a gifted child who has been asked to attend a battle school in space for the world’s most gifted children. It is here that it is hoped that the next great commander for the star fleet will be found in order that Earth may be able to survive the next attack from an alien race.

I think the thing that I like most about Ender throughout the book is how Orson Scott Card is able to make him into both a superhero and a fragile and broken child. What I mean by that is that as a gifted child and leader and friend, Ender has all the typical qualities you would expect from the main character of a book. Yet unlike other stories, Ender has emotions, and empathy, and struggles and disappointments and frustrations. In a way this struggle makes the story so much more believable and able to relate to.

Another thing I find myself fascinated by is that Ender is drawn in friendship not to the most powerful, but in a way to the misfits. However, because he is who he is, he’s able to see the special talents and the special strength that each person has within them so while those around him appear weak, they are actually quite strong and capable. Thus is the sign of a true leader  and a true friend.

Finally, I think the thing that most intrigues me about why Ender does the things he does, is not out of some self-righteousness, or ego, or even hate, but rather love. His love for his sister and his love for his family is one of the biggest motivators for why he is willing to go to battle school. Then his expression for love to his friends at battle school is one of the things that keeps driving and pushing him forward.

What do you do in your life that is purely based on your love for those around you?

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