Day 44 Character Day 2 BJ O’Conner

While yesterday’s book involved the non-technology world, today’s book Gemini Game by Michael Scott (not that Michael Scott) and features a world full of technology. BJ O’Conner is a founder of a software/gaming company, with his sister Liz. Their company has released a widely played virtual reality game that has become corrupted and is actually killing people. In order to fix the game, the twins are forced to run from the cops and find a copy of the game and go in and play it to figure out what is wrong with the game, before they either get killed or get arrested.

It’s interesting because for most of my elementary school days, one of my big desires in life was to become a computer programmer/game designer. I’ve also always loved playing computer and video games. It’s no wonder that I would identify as someone whose chosen life was something I saw as ideal.

Going a little further into why I identify with BJ O’Conner is he realized it was his responsibility to help those in the world. Sure he was living a comfortable life as the owner of a big company BUT the world around him was struggling. I think that this understanding and realization that it is possible to become isolated from the world is something that has always helped me want to really connect to the world around me. Additionally, the fact that he takes it as his responsibility to be accountable for his own product or his own legacy is also in a way the ultimate idea of what a life should be about. He was willing to be arrested or even risk dying by going in and clearing the reputation and problems of his game.

What are you doing that you would be willing to die or be arrested for to defend your legacy?

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