Day 42 Builder of the Wall

One of the stories I have always been drawn to in the Bible, is the story of Nehemiah. For those unfamiliar with the story, Nehemiah discovers the wall to his home city were broken and asks to be allowed to return home to rebuild them. After being granted permission he goes home. Knowing that he cannot rebuild the wall around the entire city by himself he recruits those around him to do their part by rebuilding the wall, but only in the area right in front of where they live. As they built they were mocked and threatened but they persisted. In the end they were able to completely rebuild the wall in 52 days.

Now most people might be wondering why I like this story so much. The answer for me is simple, it’s a call to action to take care of your own part. I feel that I am called to be part of a greater whole and in being part of that greater whole I have a responsibility to build. While I might not necessarily have a literal wall to build, there are still things that I can do to help build upon the purposes that I see laid out.

I can volunteer with organizations like Habitat for Humanity or others that provide literal shelter to those in need. I can help build up people’s self worth and build lines of communication with those who may feel sheltered and oppressed. Additionally I may just be called to support those who are better builders than I am, where I am just an ordinary person, but part of something bigger just by being there. The point is that I am a builder because it’s what I’m called to do.

What are you building?

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