Day 41 Sport Day 6 Evolutionist

Adapt or Die. A little harsh, but such brutal honesty leads to a point I find interesting. The world of sport changes everyday. If I lived n the 1900’s the sport of baseball or the sport of basketball would be noticeably different than what refer to today. Evolution is simply the gradual change or development in something over time. While not all change is good, if change for the sake of improvement is the aim, then the outcome even if not fully achieved is admirable.

As I’ve talked about sort of all week, the world of sport has multiple roles within it. Each of these roles is important to the development and experience of what makes sport so important to so many people. Therefore, as games and sport change it is important to consider all sides of the equation when trying to implement and evolve. At this point I’m not a world class athlete, and my personally biased taste as fan might not be the same as other people wanting to be a fan, but that does’t mean that I shouldn’t consider other people who are athletes or who are fans when thinking about ways to make sport better. Equally while there are tons of great ideas, the implementation and adaption of such changes isn’t always black and white.

That’s why we have to make changes on a micro level and then allow it to change to a macro level. For example, the use of sport psychology/mental conditioning while used by most high level teams in some capacity and various levels of awareness, has yet to completely permeate into the macro level of all levels of sport. Therefore, as someone involved in the world of sport I can try to adapt and evolve those around me and help the cause of this issue. At the same time, I have to understand the reasons why people are unwilling or unable to adapt and try to move the world of sport as best as I can. All the while I have to be considerate of the fact that the world of sport is being pulled and maneuvered in millions of directions. So at the end of the day it does kind of come down to your thinking really does need to either adapt or die.

What are you doing that is adapting and what are you doing that is dying?

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