Day 40 Sport Day 5 Mental Conditioning Coach

My dream for the past 15 years has been to become a sport psychologist. Which due to various semantics about the proper title/role of a psychologist at the moment I’m not allowed to call myself a sport psychologist. Therefore, we’ll go with Mental Conditioning Coach. To those not aware of the field of sport psychology, it has multiple definitions due to its being a multi-discipline field involving Psychology and Kinesiology. One of the definitions or explanations that I like best is that it’s the scientific study and application of performance, sport, and exercise and their factors.

For me that’s sums up a lot of what I’m looking for in life. I’ve always been curious about how things work so science allows me to systematically look at those factors. Obviously I’m a big fan of sport and performance (the exercise thing while important is frustrating on a couple of different levels). Additionally as a former athlete and just as a fan of sport and performance I can truly appreciate how much of performance is mental in addition to technical and physical. Where individuals have strength coaches to help them build physical strength, and coaches to help them build their tactical and technical strength, a mental conditioning coach helps them to build mental strength.

It’s funny because along the way I’ve entering this field and looking out at my near future, I have really discovered a lot of my own mental strength. Whether it’s needing to go through extra schooling, working on paying for said extra schooling, looking at an interesting and demanding job market, or just checking to see my commitment to this field as a whole, one will find or lose their mental strength. Maybe that’s what the barrier to entry in this field is really about though? My job is to help people overcome barriers and obstacles and help them to perform at their best, therefore, it’s only fair that I’ve had to experience my own fair share of barriers and obstacles.

What talents or barriers about your job or future job really describe you?

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