Day 39 Sport Day 4 Historian

History of sport is a very interesting thing. After every game and every practice history is made. Maybe not the history some people think of when mentioning the history of sport, but all sport events create history of sorts. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that when considering the history of one’s own sport experience they might be intrigued by those who have come before them. Such is the case for myself.

I’ve had an interest in former coaches and players for a long time. I don’t know really where it started, but even in elementary school I had book reports about sport figures. I suppose that could just be every little boys dream to become like their favorite pro athlete. Yet even in middle school my calling clearly wasn’t to be a professional athlete. Rather I loved learning about how sport came about, how coaches implemented different systems, how people learned fundamental skills.

I suppose it’s this exposure to the early nuances of sport that really have pushed my career path into sport psychology. In a way every moment I spend thinking about sport and talking about sport draws from the history of sport. Even though I may have a different title and a different appreciation for sport everyday, it all draws from a universal history of sport. The stories and people involved with sport inspire and shape culture both inside and outside of sport. There are great role models and there are warning tales of misfortune, greed, and disaster. Yet if we fail to recognize the past, then we are unable to learn in the present.

What stories from history inspire you the most?

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