Day 38 Sport Day 3 Fantasy

There are actually a couple ways in which fantasy describes my interaction with sport. I constantly even though I realize it’s probably not going to happen at this point, think about the fantasy of what it would be like to play professional sports. While it’s fun playing against friends in rec leagues, it’s way more fun to imagine you are dominating pro athletes.

However, the bigger part of fantasy sport in my life is the almost year round nature of fantasy sports that I play. For those unfamiliar with fantasy games you get to pretend to be a GM of a team and select players to be on your team. The players you selected then accumulate points based on their real life performance. If Kevin Durant scored 40 points and got 10 rebounds during his NBA game you get he same stats for your fantasy game. At the end of the week you add up all the stats you got and compare them to the fantasy team you are playing, and the team with better stats wins.

It allows people who say they could do a better job of running a team to have a chance to back up that kind of claim. Sure you aren’t actually competing at the level real GM’s are and you don’t have to pay your players millions of dollars, and your friends might not be that good, but winning a championship regardless of level is still impressive. This extra little boost of reality is made even more popular by companies like ESPN and CBS including entire sections of their website to fantasy sports, having people on staff whose sole job is to help you get better at fantasy sports. Even something as simple as picking a bracket for march madness could be considered fantasy sport in a way. After all you are just selecting what you think could happen in your fantasy or ideal world.

What’s your fantasy for sport?

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