Day 37 Sport Day 2 Fan

I suppose it couldn’t really come at a better time of year than March Madness and Spring training and getting close to playoffs for winter sports such as the NBA and NHL. It’s a time when most fans become a bit biased about how good their team is going to be. It’s a time when some people even go to extremes and bet on the game or dress up in ridiculous outfits or get tattoos about it.

It’s weird because most fans become emotionally and physically evolved with the outcome of a game, yet they aren’t actually participating in said game. I’ve once heard it being compared to encouraging someone else to bake a cake really well even though you’ll never actually get a taste. Granted there are different types of fans in a way, so you can understand the motivation of some for watching the game. For example, there are usually friends and family hoping to see someone they care about do well. There are also those people whose school’s “pride” is on the line. Then there are also those people who live thousands of miles away, have no real connection to the game, yet constantly dream of breaking their television when things go wrong. 

While there is some psychological effects an athlete feels from being in a stadium full of people, how much change one individual person has is questionable. That isn’t to dissuade people from wanting to be fans, from trying to take control of as much as possible. Rather it’s saying that if you are going to be a fan you have to be biased and imperfect enough to not care at all. When I cheer for a team it’s simply because I like to see something that has never been seen before, and in that unique game of those exact combinations of players and refs and fans, something never before seen will happen. To me that is why watching sports is so worth it, the unpredictable happens all the time.

Why do you watch sports?

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