Day 35 Frustrated

There are are a lot of things I’m frustrated by. Most things though I am actually confident in a resolution of sorts. However, religion is continually one of the most frustrating things to me in life. While there are the various struggles of faith presented by life as obstacles to a perfect life, that’s not really what I’m frustrated with. Rather what I’m frustrated with is the disagreements within and between religions. I’m frustrated with the fact that people view religion as something superior. This judgmental attitude is what causes most of the problems in my opinion.

While I will reserve my opinion on specific topics because I believe that religious beliefs should be a personal choice, I will say I’m frustrated with the overall lack of understanding and conversation between religions and issues like immigration, same sex marriage, war, and poverty. It’s frustrating because most religions as a whole have been fighting on and off again for the past couple thousand years. At some point wouldn’t there be a resolution of some kind? Impossible is the act of doing the same thing multiple time and expecting a different outcome. If as a whole society continues to argue and fight over the same outcomes nothing will change until someone is willing to the means of resolution. The even worse part of the frustration is that most people are fighting and arguing over something that doesn’t necessarily involve them. If you live in the United States, would you actually vote on property laws in Canada if you had the choice? My guess is that most people wouldn’t because it doesn’t involve them so it’s a waste of their time. Yet people feel it is their right to judge other people’s abilities to have their own religious views even though it’s not their life. That’s what is frustrating. You demand other people stay out of your business and your life but you feel no qualms about attacking and condemning others.

What frustrates you?

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