Day 33 Analogous

For those who know me best, I use the word like a lot. Now it isn’t that I use like in the 90’s Valley Girl way, but instead I use it in the form of analogies and similes. I find conversations have impact when you create a shared and common language. The use of analogies allows a person to create this conversation by using other experiences or words to describe their current point.

The fact that I’ve described myself in 30 different ways to this point is helping to create a common language and common picture for who I am. That way people who know me and even people who don’t begin to have a common world view or at least common understanding of my world view. This shared experience creates a more meaningful and easier understand connection than if the world was presented in a non analogous manner. 

I’ve also heard that the use of analogy to create common language is higher order thinking, so hurrah for that. In the spirit of helping you think at a higher level, what analogy do you think bests sums up life or maybe more specifically your life? Leave a comment.

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