Day 32 Quantitative

I like numbers. Don’t get me wrong, I like words as well. However, to me having numbers to point out exact relationships between various points of reference is very helpful. Not to mention that I’m a little kid at heart, so half the things that come out of my mouth are Who, What, When, Why, Where, and How. Having numbers satisfies these questions that I have. Google and wikipedia are great for helping satisfy my curiosity as well. Sometimes though they just don’t have the answer.

That’s when it comes down to doing the math yourself. For me it’s fun. To others it can be annoying or hard work or many other descriptors. The reason I like the math is that in the end you get a point that at that moment tells you exactly about a specific piece of information. Where other answers can be it depends or things can change over time, at that specific moment the answer to a specific question is given. That’s pretty neat.

How do you try to see the world? Is it with words or numbers? Or maybe it’s in color? 

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