Day 31 Unforgettable

I suppose one of the reasons that I went into psychology in the first place was because I’ve always wanted to figure ME out. Part of the reason is that for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been able to remember really random things very vividly. I can’t remember everything, but I can remember very specific times, including some seemingly non-important ones. Sure now that I’ve had some classes on memory, learning and cognition, and the way the brain works I understand it a bit more. That being said it doesn’t take away from the fact that my memory recall system is pretty random.

For example, I can remember a day in 2nd grade where I spent an entire recess period counting the number of “holes” in between posts on a chain link fence to see if they all had the same number. Why do I remember that? It’s not like it was super exciting, there weren’t other kids doing it with me, and yet for some reason I can remember spending about 10 minutes of my life counting.

It’s like the world’s worst superpower. I can’t use it when I want to, like say when I’m taking a test (I’m sure in some ways I do, but for the point of the blog I don’t). I can’t turn into like a super lawyer or cop that recalls all details of a case instantly to catch the bad guys (I’m not sure I’d want to even if I could… not because catching bad guys is bad, but being a cop or a lawyer just doesn’t seem like me). The one perk that it does bring is that sometimes I can tell stories of really funny situations and bring back good memories to people at really random times.

I won’t even say that it’s really a talent, but are there any weird talents or tricks or other things that set you apart from everyone else? Share the details in the comment section.

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