Day 30 Misunderstood

People think they know someone, but what do they actually know? Are facts about someone the same as actually knowing who they are? Facts tell a story but do they actually represent someone 100%? That’s the reason I feel I’m misunderstood. Even through the past 30 days, I’ve give people a glimpse and a glance at who I am, yet it isn’t enough to tell the whole story. There are other people who have known me for years but still don’t know exactly who I am. Part of it is them, part of it is me, and part of it is the human mystery.

If I was to give a random sampling of friends, families, strangers, and enemies a survey about who I am, I’m not really sure what would happen. My guess is they would all highlight different aspects of who I am. You would think your friends and family would key in qualities that are good about you. On the other hand enemies would intentionally be critical and point out all of your mistakes and flaws. Strangers it depends on what they are presented with as to their first impression to make a judgment on. The point is that at some point all of these are me and none of them are me. 

I say this not to sound egocentric, but my life in a way does revolve around me. I’m sure for the most part other people’s lives revolve around them. Yet even in saying that people will misunderstand. Obviously, there are counter points that religions and things like that force us to have an outward view, but at the same time at some point you still have to take care of yourself. These pesky, broken, imperfect bodies that we have require a certain level of attention that regardless of your focus, you still have to spend time maintaining. Which is why when you spend more time focusing on yourself other people can become angry because they care about themselves. That’s why it is important than for people to understand each other, yet they don’t. So when I blog about myself or don’t share things, it isn’t simply for me, but rather to help bring people into my world. When the world revolves around me, while simultaneous revolving around you, then there is going to be confusion. Yet unless this conflict is addressed or clarified all there will be is people going around in circles not understanding what is going on.

The choice is yours, do you choose to go beyond mere facts and see the bigger story, or do you simply wish to revolve but never interact with those around you?

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