Day 29 Open

After almost a month now, if you’ve read every post or even a couple, hopefully one of the things you’ve picked up is that I’m very open. While I’m very selective about some of the things I share or don’t share, when I share I’m open. Not that might sound confusing, but it’s really not. Obviously, I’m biased and imperfect so while my goal is to share everything, sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Plus I do have over 300 more posts to write so for obvious reasons I’m not going to tell EVERYTHING about myself in one post.

Yet when I do talk, I’m open and honest. I’m okay with raw and unedited. While I’ve been asked some rather strange questions in life, I’m not sure there is anything I haven’t really answered. Granted there are times in classes when I don’t share my opinions, but again that’s more of a calculated thing then not being open to it.

Plus being opinionated, imperfect, biased, and many other things also has the perk of being wrong and being okay with that. While that sometimes bothers other people and can come off as being lazy or not caring, that’s just who I am. I don’t always give people the answer until they ask, but I’ll respond in some way if asked a direct question. After all opinions and facts are just pieces of information. It’s what you do with them that matter. If you hold everything inside but had a cure for cancer what good would it do? While I might never cure cancer, if my providing who I am helps those around me, who knows what might get done. Therefore, I find being open is an easy choice, plus things are only awkward if you let them be awkward.

What’s one thing you wish the world knew about you?

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