Day 28 Integrated

While it’s true that there are a lot of things in life that are on a spectrum (check out my post about that if you haven’t already), for me I find a lot of merging and integration of various points. However, there is one area to me that is integrated a bit more than other areas, which would be my faith. Yes, I’ve already talked about being a Christian, but if you have been reading along then you would realize my life is a bit more complicated than just one post. 

What I mean by my integration of faith into my life is that being a Christian isn’t a thing where I’m a Christian on Sunday and the rest of the week I’m not a Christian. It isn’t about just the times I go to church. Integration is the merging of two different things, which while my life is merged in one direction, there is still an interaction with a secular world that still needs to merge. One of the ways you can hear this is with Christian music and how it is being integrated into society. On one hand you have Christian music that is very overt with their message, that have specific lyrics, and that are very in your face. On another hand you also have bands who are Christians but have decided that it should be about their message and about who they are and what they stand for more than the specific lyrics of their song. Both sides have found places in society, but it’s interesting that the people who integrate their faith into their songs without making it so overt, have integrated a lot into the secular music scene. Now one could argue why this isn’t necessarily a good thing, but if the point is to get people to listen to the music, then integrating what you do into your music seems like a good idea.

The one thing that I personally have an issue with are those people that integrate their faith into their performances for results. What I mean by that is those people who pray for God to help them win at sports or to get an A on a test. While I’m not saying that God couldn’t help them with that, I personally believe it’s not about the results. If you are playing to honor God than using your mind, body, and spirit to the best of your ability will always be form of praise, and the exact outcome doesn’t matter. But in our society we are so outcome driven that sometimes we take instead of giving.

How do you integrate various parts of your life?

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