Day 26 Realist

In the battle between optimist and pessimist I’m a realist. I can see the argument for both sides of the spectrum, but in the end I’m a Vulcan. For all you non-nerd/geeks Vulcans remove emotion from their decision making and use almost entirely logic to make decisions. Now I’m not perfect so my logic is still sometimes flawed. Especially since some of my decision making is based entirely off my dislike of overly optimistic and overly pessimistic people.

The problem that I have with pessimistic people is not that they are depressing in nature or cautious of the outcome. What I have a real problem with is that the world is broken so you can find flaws in everything, so if you never want to do or say or be anything because something might go wrong then nothing will ever get done. It’s easy to be critical, it’s easy to find fault, it’s hard to realize that’s the case and do something about. As a realist then I agree with quite a few things pessimists have to offer about the world as a whole, but at the same time I understand things need to be done, so I try to problem solve and create action where I can. Obviously this is sometimes easier said then done.

On the other hand optimists can be so overtly positive that they become blind to the reality that the world is broken. They think that just because something COULD happen that it will happen. Being positive is great, but being naive about the world isn’t. Sure it’s possible to change negatives into positives, but at the same time if you spend all your time talking about an ideal world then you aren’t living in the actual world. While I do try to take away the hope and trust that things can improve from optimists, I find myself avoiding their logic when I need to make decisions. When it comes down to just grinding things out and doing work, sometimes you don’t have to be happy or positive about things, you just have to do it.

Where do you lie on the pessimist or optimist scale? 

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