Day 25 Iowan

It’s funny growing up in Iowa most of the people around you are very similar to you and yet there is still quite a bit of diversity if you look for it. While I personally didn’t grow up on a farm, it was only a 45 minute drive to get to my grandparent’s family farm. Yet while I’m not a farmer there lies an inherent work ethic and value system that Iowa as a whole seems to have developed from its agricultural roots. Most farmers learn quickly that you can’t control the weather, that if you don’t plant the seeds you won’t see a harvest, and things you grow taste better because of the work you’ve put in.

Equally Iowa has a strong history of education and business that is built on the idea of common sense, hard work, and respect. This common value system and work ethic have led to Iowa commonly being listed as one of the best places to live, best places to start a business, and “richest” play to live. Having lived now in a couple different states and spending time looking at other states to live in, really has shown just how rare some of these traits are.

Finally another aspect of my Iowa heritage is the interesting political atmosphere of the state. It is the first part of most presidential campaigns because it is a swing state. There is a combination of rural and urban, there is a pretty equal balance of Democrats and Republicans, there are definitely Conservatives and Liberals, there is big business and private business. So all in all the state itself makes you find your own voice and your own opinion since there are so many people on opposite sides of the argument. 

What does your state say about you that you never really realized? Leave a comment.

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