Day 24 Early

There are few things in life as precious as time. Which in a way makes it almost counter logic that I tend to lose my own time to be places early. Yet for me it actually is a better use of time. When I arrive some place early, I can prepare myself to spend the time that I’m about to more productively. Therefore, if I lose say 5 minutes by showing up early that’s 5 minutes lost, but if that meeting is 5 minutes more productive than it would have been then it’s worthwhile.

Additionally, I view part of my purpose in life to help other people. If I can serve you by showing you respect for your time then it’s not a huge sacrifice of my time. Equally if other people were to value my time it shows a lot of respect for me. Obviously some time is slightly more valuable than others, but people’s time is still precious. Life is about connecting with others and so every moment we take from people without contributing to enriching their lives we are taking away their value. Whereas the times we spend helping bring value and contributions to people’s lives we make them more precious.

It’s for that reason that I find showing up to things early and being prepared is of greater value to the contribution that I bring than the 5 minutes of me time I might lose. Think about your life, what are the priorities that you could make more valuable if you made time more precious? Leave a comment.

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