Day 23 Searching

What’s the meaning of life? Such a daunting question, but one that I at least try to examine every once in awhile. Part of it is that I think examining the purpose for life gives me a framework who what I’m doing with life. Since my purpose or at least how I view my purpose changes as I go through life, I’m always searching for answers. Sometimes it’s about finding an answer, and sometimes it’s about finding the right question.

Purpose in life isn’t the only thing I’m searching for but gives me an overall direction. One of the things that I value highly in life is the ability to constantly be searching for education. While some people only examine one side of an argument, I like to look at the whole argument and even some of the related arguments. One of the interesting things that I’ve always had an interesting time searching for is the meaning of Pro-Life. What I mean by this is that on the political spectrum there exists an interesting standard of people being against abortion but also supporting guns, war, and capital punishment. In terms of this view then when one is searching for their views on Pro-Life does it limit itself to just one topic or does it get involved in other topics. For some the answer is they don’t think about it, but for others this search for what their stance is on issues gets more and more complicated, and requires more and more searching.

This involvement in continual searching might seem frustrating to some people as you don’t always find the answer, but some answers do exist. At which point sometimes it’s about searching for new questions. There are always new things that people can learn and grow in. Also with the overlap and interconnection of various topics, it is easy to see how getting answers to one thing can open up new questions in other areas. Plus finding a major world view perspective could require one to reconsider their whole aspect and meaning of life.

But obviously the answer to the meaning of life is 42, so now you just need to search for how you can apply that. If you have any ideas feel free to comment below.


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