Day 22 Deafening Silence

As you know by now I love spectrums and oxymorons, and if you didn’t know that now you do. The thing about deafening silence though is that most people are never really in silence, but when it happens it’s kind of creepy. One of the places I’ve experienced it a lot is in education settings, where the teacher asks a question and the whole room instantly goes silent. Those few moments of dread are rather interesting. Which on a side note, whose fault is that silence? Is it the teacher for asking a bad question or the students for not knowing/not wanting to answer?

Anyway, deafening silence doesn’t just stop at school for me. If you’ve ever hung around me in certain situations you’ll understand that the amount of talking I do changes drastically depending on the environment that I’m in. Going back to the class example, now I rarely talk in class for various reasons. In Kindergarten though my teacher had a difficult time getting me to stop talking. I also don’t talk a lot with people I don’t know, or in settings with lots and lots of people. Is it that I’m shy? No, actually it has a lot more to do with the fact that I like to listen to other people and evaluate their take on things before contributing my ideas.

That’s probably why if you’re one of my friends sometimes I don’t stop talking. Or there are times when I just try to see how far a certain topic can go before it is no longer relevant or applicable. It’s not so much that I ever truly believe some of the things that come out of my mouth, but rather just want to actually see how people respond. There is a lot of Devil’s Advocate that comes out in conversations I have. Which is interesting because in the end I might talk a lot but am I actually saying anything? Or in these blogs there might be a lot of words but is there anything other than idle chatter?

That’s one of the points that I think our society is facing right now. We are constantly being stimulated by noise but what are we actually hearing? At the end of the day would the world be better if we just turned everything off and sat in silence for a bit? Did Walden and Emerson have it right that we need to head out into isolation to truly find ourselves? How many people forget what nature sounds like? Yet even nature can be busy. So when you find that truly quiet place how overwhelming is it?

The challenge for today, find some quiet, if even for just a few seconds. Is it peaceful or scary? Comment below!

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