Day 21 Christian

I am a Christian. Yet as you’ve read so far I’m biased, imperfect, and broken still. Whether it’s because I am a Christian that I can see these things or because of these things that I’m a Christian I can’t really say. In the end my beliefs are just that MY beliefs. Which leaves them open to be imperfect, biased, and broken. This isn’t to say that I don’t represent Christians or that other Christians don’t represent me. Rather I believe that religion is an individual identity. While there are some things that are common and core to a religion, in the end I believe that religion is really a relationship. 

For me that relationship is with the Christian God. While I could get into debates on the universality of God or even some of the arguments by other religions, that’s not my purpose for why I am posting this article. I am not stating that I am a Christian to judge anyone, nor do I desire to be judged, rather it is a fact of who I am. Just as every other word describes me and biases me so too does my Christian label.

For me one of the worldviews that I am most bound by is the call to action that you find throughout the Bible to love your neighbor. It is especially pointed that one should love the poor, the widow, and the orphan. Regardless of your religions beliefs, this seems like a common rule and creed that humanity as a whole should be able to agree on. Yet there are people all over, from all kinds of backgrounds, religions, and means, who commonly disrespect this rule. Whether it’s something like voting against food stamps and welfare in congress, or implementing a tax on companies that are wanting to feed the homeless. Whether it’s seeing people and not helping or even just not caring. How much better would the world be if everyone made one nice gesture a day?

Again the purpose of why I’m writing this isn’t to condemn people but rather state the purpose of my description. I am a Christian because when I was going through the hardest time in my life, when I was truly broken, and when I needed to try and put together my life, the one relationship that was actually the for me was my relationship with Jesus. One could argue that I just helped myself, or that I just using advice from a book, or things like that, but within that moment there was something outside of myself that I can’t explain. Since that moment I’ve been trying to figure out exactly who I am and who God is. I can’t always say that I have a great answer for either of them (hence part of the purpose of this blog), but I can say that I’ve grown tremendously in both areas over the years.

Finally, rather quickly one of the things that separates my views from others is that I believe that Christianity is inclusive rather than exclusive. By that I mean that things such as science and technology are ways of further explaining just how intricate and detailed the world is, and how that can help show just how impressive and broken we are as created individuals. Where some people believe that creation and evolution or science and religion are contrary terms, I think that evolution and science, help the case of creation and religion. 

So what things are shaping your worldview or giving you a purpose right now? Comment below.

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