Day 20 Picky

For a clearer understand of just how picky I am, one needs to look no further than my diet. Of course if you’re my family or friends then currently you are nodding your head in agreement. For everyone else, let’s just say my diet consists of I’ll eat anything as long as it doesn’t have a wide selection of food. I know that doesn’t sound picky, but once you whittle away all the other things my diet consists of things like Mac and Cheese, Chicken Nuggets, and pudding, oh and lots and lots of chicken.

But being picky doesn’t stop at food for me. Rather it’s just the beginning. To save you from all the do’s and don’ts that I could list I’ll just say it exists. In fact even in choosing what order or what topics to talk about myself I am very picky so while it’s sometimes easy to talk about myself I’m very picky with what I’m willing to share.

What is important to note though is that my being picky is and isn’t about me trying to better myself. While growth and exploration are important, if I already know certain things then why do I need to explore to find lesser things. If I know that a movie is my favorite movie, then while I will watch other movies I will still prefer to watch my favorite movies all the time. I suppose today’s title could also have been monotonous in a way, because a lot of my life is repetitive to some people but I have picked a lot of the features of it (plus routines are just awesome anyway).

Also I’ve already explained that I’m biased and use the most chaotic organizational system so that means that my trying to explain why and what I’m picky about will probably just confuse people. I will say this though, my being picky is especially evident in the people I call my friends. While I’m always taking friend applications I’m very selective and loyal to those I do select.

So if you want to submit a friend application feel free to in the comment section, or just make a list of things you’re picky about.

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