Day 18 Gamer

There are a lot of people that play video games/ computer games/ arcade games. There are a lot of people that think they are good at them. There are a lot of people that are really good at one game but suck at everything else. All of these people can still be gamers. What actually separates most elite gamers from others is that they play the game a lot and that they actually reflect on their performance so that they can be successful. If you were to take basically any game out there and start playing it for the first time today, chances are you won’t be the greatest. However, a month from now you might have the basic mechanics of the game down. Then it’s all about mastering the little nuances of the game.

There is a little barrier to entry to some games, as you need to have access to a computer or a video game counsel. After that though games give you a platform to compete on par with other athletic domains. While one can argue the definition of athlete, there is no denying the competitive environment of games. Sure there are some games that aren’t competitive, but I’m sure there are still people that compete at it. Gaming ability is something most people say they don’t take seriously but put them in a room with their friends and put pride on the line and the mood chances quite dramatically.

The one thing that I truly appreciate about games is that you can enjoy them at all kinds of levels. There is the basic just learning the game level. There is the “wow this game can actually teach you a lot about team work” level. There is the you can never actually master every aspect of this game but I’m going to try the hardest. There is the I’m going to be world class at this game level. Each of these levels can be amazingly difficult for some people, but as you get closer and closer to your goals you get this feeling of achievement, which sounds silly to people who just say you’re wasting time playing video games. 

How do you spend your free time? What do you wish you could be a pro at? Leave a comment.

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