Day 17 Temperate

If you met me when I was in elementary school you would probably think that I’m a completely different person now. I suppose a good way to describe those years was emotional. Yet through the years, it’s not that I’ve grown completely numb to emotion, but rather have learned to control emotion a bit better. Granted there are still times I lose my temper, get frustrated, am sad, etc. However, for the most part things don’t really bother me on an emotional scale.

Now on one hand this sounds kind of disappointing that I don’t necessarily experience all kinds of good things in life. I’m not uber happy and excited all the time. At the same time though I’m not getting into fights over small details either. Emotions like most things have pros and cons.

For me I find emotion interesting in that when I actually care about things it is shown in my emotion. If you ever want to really know how I feel about things, check my emotion. If I’m still calm and relaxed then it’s probably not the biggest detail or of great importance to me. This tends to occur most of the time. Maybe it’s a tad egotistical to say, but there are a lot of things in life I just don’t care about. There are also small things that nobody else cares about that I think are the coolest things ever. That’s what makes uniqueness great.

However, it should be noted that my temperate attitude towards a lot of things is different then saying I don’t care at all. Just because I’m laid back and maybe not overly passionate about things doesn’t mean I will blow off my responsibilities or put forth adequate effort. Equally just because I’m laid back doesn’t mean I’m a slacker or lazy. Sometimes I just work smarter and not harder. Where a lot of people do stuff just to do stuff, I like to focus on the important parts of certain projects.

Finally, one of the beautiful things about having a temperate demeanor is that if I want to I can show large emotion for effect. Maybe not the best thing in the world, but it does somewhat display the idea of little kids throwing tantrums in stores. If you don’t react appropriately to the situation, then why would the kid not keep doing it. Just a heads up.

What situations do you care about more than others? Is there one emotion that you display that you can’t really control?

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