Day 16 Wolf

Rudyard Kipling in The Law of the Jungle states, “For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” For me this is a great definition of who we are called to be. While I could go down a list of all the spirit animals that one could be, that’s not where I’m taking this. Rather I think it is important to focus on the duality of the wolf.

On one hand it clearly states that we draw strength from those around us. While there are a lot of things I can do on my own, it’s neither time effective or result effective for me to do such things. This is part of the evolution of civilization over time (division of labor). Equally, there are things that I can do that I’m more effective at. This is why the Wolf needs the Pack. If you don’t surround yourself with people who can make you better and people who can help you do more things, then you get tired and worn out. Sometimes there is only need for a few people to make a pack to get things done, sometimes it requires a lot of work. This is where communication and teamwork are so important.

One of the interesting things is that most animals have a hierarchical system to defer importance within the group. Wolves for example use alphas as their leaders. While it’s important to have leaders, it is also important to have followers. A smart leader understands that if they don’t use their group wisely then the group doesn’t have as much potential. Therefore, the other important part of the pack is the individual wolf. You have to bring something to the group to be of any value to the group. If all you do is take from the group and don’t provide anything then you are just selfish. It’s always interesting when people are assigned to group projects what roles people instantly take. There are those who instantly go to their strength and try to take leadership, which isn’t a problem if only one person tries to lead. When there are multiple leaders things can get messy.

This is why it’s always important to remember the spectrum of life. Sometimes it’s more about the pack and sometimes it’s more about the wolf. Both need each other to be strong. Feel free to howl about how you see yourself as part of the pack in the comment section below.

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