Day 15 Voter

For some people being a voter is only about the day that you perform the act of voting. Which there are some people that don’t or can’t vote, therefore, making the term voter a describing feature as well. However, for me, voting is about decision making, having your voice be heard, and actually having a role within society.

When you vote, you are choosing between something/someone and something/someone else. Even if there is only one name on the ballot you are still choosing to support that person or not. Therefore, the act itself is a commitment to a certain belief system. You have to decide based on a variety of information or lack of information what you believe to be the best decision. Especially with all the information and negative add campaigns sometimes it is hard to determine what is the best course of action. Equally especially for me, you become biased based on what you think, heard, say as to what the right choice might be. Being biased isn’t always a bad thing, as long as you aren’t completely biasing yourself away from even considering the other side of the argument.

Having your voice be heard even if you are in the minority is important. If everyone who thinks they are in the minority doesn’t vote because they’re afraid they’ll lose then chances are they will lose. However, the number of people whose voice is silence could be enormous. I’m not saying that a winning policy or politician is going to say, “I don’t care about the other side” although it does sadly happen, but rather how much more likely is there going to be discussion about an issue in a 51% to 49% vote compared to a 90% to 10% vote. The closer the two sides are to each other the more that the side that wins needs to say, “hmm this has a lot of support, I wonder what these people are trying to say?”

Finally, as a voter you have a choice to make decisions based on yourself or based on helping others. Sometimes the decision is the same thing. Sometimes, however, what’s best for society isn’t necessarily best for yourself. An easy example of this is on pretty much every education bill ever voted on. Most voters aren’t in school, which means that they are voting on policy that doesn’t affect them personally. Although you could argue that without education nothing really exists. Without education, how will we have doctors, lawyers, cops, firefighters, etc (which hopefully nobody would argue those all aren’t necessary)? Equally, while you might not be in school, you might have kids or relatives who are in school. This means that your vote is going to be important for those around you. It’s easy to look at voting as a selfish things vs a selfless thing. It’s much harder to actually vote in a way that determines what is best for society.

Tday, go out and make your voice heard. Take a stand for society and let a decision be heard. Feel free to comment below on what you want to say.

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