Day 14 Loyal

Part of my biased imperfection is that I’m loyal. As a loyal sports fan there are times and decisions when you really question your favorite team. You say things like, “How on earth can you have two consecutive Cy Young winners and immediately trade them away the next season and expect to be better for it?” Or “How will any coach ever be able to win if you don’t give him a chance to succeed with his system after firing the last coach just a couple years ago because there wasn’t enough talent in the franchise?” It’s easy to be negative. The true fans though are the ones that still claim to be a fan even when their team is in last place year after year.

The same applies to my friends. I’ll be the first to admit I suffer from in-group bias. For non-psychology major readers, in-group bias essentially means you divide the world into two groups. People like you and your circle and everyone else. Then you essentially are biased in that you rate your group better or the other group worse. An example of this is that I view my circle as being the only people who care about me. Yes I realize I’m narcissistic, but to be fair, that is a pretty broad circle under those circumstances. The reason that this is biased is that it instantly means that I feel people in my groups are better because they care, and instantly assume everyone I don’t know doesn’t care. Maybe this is true, or maybe this is clouding my judgment and making me act in ways that keeps others from getting in my circle.

Everyone always talks about how dogs are loyal creatures. They don’t care what imperfections you have, they are just happy that you are around them and are excited to see you, and dislike people who try to harm you. In a way I like to view myself in that realm of loyal, I accept people for who they are (sometimes it’s hard to see it). I am excited to see those people I am loyal to, and will be one of the first people to have your back in case someone is making your life miserable (granted in a fight I’m probably next to useless so just be aware of that). 

Finally, the last way of seeing myself as loyal, is that I’m loyal to myself. With society constantly trying to tell us who we should be and how we aren’t good enough, I have always just been me. When people say things like, “oh well that’s just him” I take that as an extreme compliment. It also means that I’m doing a good job of reflecting the world around me in an honest fashion as opposed to using a distorted image.

What are you loyal to? Comment below.


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