Day 13 Broken Mirror

When I say I’m a broken mirror, I’m not referring to the years of bad luck that some people attribute to that, although if you’ve read my post about luck then maybe it’s not that far off either. Rather I see myself as a broken reflection of the world around me. If you’ve ever seen a broken mirror you will know that the mirror in pieces still reflects the environment around it, but the image as a whole is distorted. I feel the same applies to my reflection of the world at large.

While there are parts of the world I reflect such as my ability to use modern technology or the common slang that is associated with current trends, there are also large parts of a greater whole that I don’t reflect. Where society tells us that we need to have a certain image or act a certain way, most of the times I’m nothing at all like what they want. Where there are sayings like girls like bad boys or jerks, I am okay with being the “good guy,” Where there are issues with some people between things like science and faith or political ideology I don’t hold my opinion based on what other people tell me. I make my decisions right or wrong based on the way I see the world. 

Equally where most people might see something broken and useless, I still serve a function. You can take any individual piece of a mirror and it is still a mirror. While I might be broken and imperfect as a whole, I still serve a function. Maybe that function isn’t what it could be, but I am not without repair. Equally while some people use a mirror to criticize their own image, mirrors can also be used to prove your image. There is a reason that there are lots of mirrors in bridal shops, it’s so that every bride can realize just how special and unique and powerful she will be on her wedding day. There is also a reason that banks and shops use mirrors to help them stay secure. 

Some mirrors also distort reality by making the reflection larger or small, closer or further than they appear. This happens in the world around us, where people reflect themselves back onto their environment in distorted images. If someone asks you for help or offers you  help and you say that everything is fine, you are portraying a distorted image to the world. However, when you reflect back the perfect image of clarity, it is not judging it is being honest. How the person interprets that image is up to them, but mirrors are perfect and without judgement themselves.

When you go through the world, what image are you reflecting? Is it distorted or is it perfect? Do you serve a purpose or are you broken beyond repair? Feel free to talk about it in the comments section.

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