Day 12 Lover

I love you. Maybe not in the way you might expect, but I love you. Valentine’s Day is a day where you are supposed to tell people that you love them. However, most people only consider the idea of romantic love as a way of appreciating someone on Valentine’s Day. While I suppose you could consider me a romantic at heart, that’s not really what I mean by lover.

It’s easy to see “true” love in a romantic relationship when both people are completely accepting of the other’s flaws (which we’re all imperfect). Which I was lucky enough to grow up in a household with 2 loving parents, I was surrounded by other loving marriages, and now see up close my siblings in loving relationships. On top of that there are all of the ideal romance movies and tv shows that show us what romantic relationships are all about. Yet the idea behind grand romantic gestures is that we simply want to tell people how much we really care about them. That is the true love.

We’re taught as young children the Golden Rule, which some of us forget so here it is: Treat others the way you want to be treated. Now in a world where there is so much hate, violence, bigotry, closed mindedness, and other indifference, it is hard to see the love this rule calls us to. It’s easy to take for granted the person that opens a door for you when your hands are full, or who takes time out of their day to help you with something without you needing to ask them to. Also there are just times when it’s nice to hear someone compliment you. These are nice gestures but they don’t necessarily show love.

Rather love is being grateful that someone is in your life. It is being unworthy of the fact that they are your friend/significant other. It is being completely accepting of them without reservation. Sure there might be times when you don’t get along with everyone, but love conquers all. Love is being present in the moment when you are around someone and not just on your phone, or computer, or watching tv. Love is wanting to actually talk to a person everyday and being happy because you see that person. Love is wanting to take the pain yourself just so that person wouldn’t have to feel it anymore. Love is thinking those little flaws the other person has are what make that person so unique and so perfect in their own little way.

So while everyone else is busy worrying about other kinds of love. Take today to tell the people you truly love, that you love them. Maybe even go a step further and tell them why you love them. You might be surprised that they might just love you in return. Love is a little strange, it’s okay, be bold, because love is without limits.

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