Day 9 Peter Pan

If you’ve ever seen the movie Hook with Robin Williams then you have a somewhat creepy look into my life. I’m the adult that is really just a kid but at the same time sometimes I forget the good things in life. I also tend to have issues with things that pop into my head not being that believable and a harder time turning them into reality. If at some point though I can start creating things out of just imagination, I’m totally opening my own restaurant.

Another thing that is interesting to me about Peter Pan that most people tend to not pay attention to is that Peter Pan is all about trying to help other people find themselves. There is a reason his group of friends is The Lost Boys. Equally he spends most of the time trying to help other kids. I would like to think that this is in a way something we are all called to help with. Children need help and if we have the ability to help them then we should (I’m not talking about the sad commercials for adopting a child, although if you want to do that I commend you). 

Another fun aspect of my Peter Pan personality is that I honestly do act like a little kid. I eat like a kindergartner, I take nap time when I can, I think knock knock jokes are amazing, and coloring books are the coolest. Yet for some strange reason society tells us that we need to grow up, that we shouldn’t express all our creative forms, that money, jobs, and stuff are important. Which is why Peter Pan not wanting to grow up is admirable and why when he does it is so heartbreaking for everyone because you forget all the amazing things in life.

For the record though, I much prefer Robin Hood to Peter Pan, but would hate for people to draw the conclusion that I’m stealing from the rich and helping the poor. Also it’s worth noting that sometimes I forget to think happy thoughts, which might explain why I can’t fly. Even still I’d prefer not to be shot out of a catapult if at all possible.

Which childhood literary, theatrical, or film character best describes you? Comment below!

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