Day 8 Strategist

There are all kinds of personality tests and quizzes available for people to take these days. The ones I think are the most entertaining are the ones that relate to things such as war movies or tv shows. It’s interesting to me because essentially the quiz is to see who the better survivalist or killer you are, even if you would most likely never be put in that situation.

While I don’t always agree with most of these surveys for various reasons, there is a common trend. I somehow always become the strategist, mastermind, manipulator, puppet master, general, or similar trait person. The only exception is if there is an available character who is the right hand man to the throne. Apparently, I’m very content to let someone else be the face of destruction while I come up with the plans and manipulate the situation. Which on some levels in real life I suppose this is true.

At the end of the day, I care about the results and the process more than who gets credit for certain things. In a way I’m very objective oriented and am willing to sacrifice publicity for productivity. The interesting thing is that I sometimes feel as though people understand I can manipulate them and they still can’t stop me. It’s rather scary in a way, but I feel that most of the time it’s about trying to align my objective with their objective for a shared objective.

I also unfortunately at times sometimes view people as just pieces or ends to a mean to accomplish certain objectives instead of as the actual individuals and human beings that they truly represent. What makes it worse is that the more individualized and unique people are the more I see what they can do for me. It’s selfish and I’ll admit that, but I also try to help them. I’m a benevolent puppeteer (most of the time).

I suppose it’s no wonder then that I watch lots of reality television contests and am constantly trying to figure out why people aren’t better at it than they are. The point of most of these is typically to be the last person standing. It’s the same goal for every person on the show. The people who ultimately win though are the ones who convince other people of their value to each other. That’s one of the interesting things about strategists, sometimes you over-think things a bit too much. When you make things more complicated then they need to be you can be kicked off the island. Also when you live in a closed environment (where there are only a few people), if other people see you betray or strategize against one person then you probably are about other people including them. That’s why it is important to understand the best plan is sometimes to not do anything. But before I give away all of my evil master plans, I should probably leave a fair warning, good strategy normally includes multiple plans and never backs an opponent into a corner.

What do the military survey’s say about you?

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