Day 7 Exploring

The concept of exploring is rather interesting if you read yesterday’s post about being comfortable. For me the exploring tends to occur a lot in my mind. Which regardless of the fact that I tend to daydream about being Robinson Crusoe or Sir Francis Drake, isn’t exactly the kind of exploring I’m talking about. Rather most of my exploring occurs in the ability to really think through ideas.

I might be strange in that I think in a lot of pictures in my head (remember I have an organizational system that most other people can’t see). For example, when people mention different words or phrases I normally have a quick example in my head but also tend to have a flow chart or word web also pop into my head. That way I don’t only consider the direct meaning of a word/phrase, but also search for all the other possible examples or ideas that could be connected to it.

This can sort of be seen by my ability to play Devil’s Advocate in a lot of situations, but we’ll probably talk about that a different day. However, another way that it can be seen is in my unique (or at least I have yet to find anyone who is very similar to me) religious and political views. While some people think I sort of pick and choose my beliefs, in reality I examine various issues and really explore my way through them. Which if you notice today’s word is actually exploring because I never truly stop exploring. It’s similar to the idea of never stop learning, I hold most things I do in a dynamic state so that they are always able to be changed depending on the things I learn or the ways I think about them. Equally by being dynamic it forces me to constantly be considering of those things to make sure that I’m as current as possible.

Which we could get into a chicken and egg debate over whether I believe the world is the way it is because of how I view the world, or if how I view the world is because of the way the world is, but then you’ll be forced to take a trip into my mind without a map. Which maybe the best way for me to describe my overall take on the world is that everything occurs on a spectrum. This will probably be discussed more in the future, but for now it’s kind of where I’ve explored to for the day.

If you can think of places your ideas have taken you and how maybe the journey of life has changed the destination feel free to comment below. 

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