Day 5 Luckily Unlucky

Luckily Unlucky, Paul it’s Day 5 and you really can’t come up with anything better than that? I did warn you that organized chaos was coming your way, and that I’m not perfect, but if you’ll let me I’ll teach you about my biased view of myself, (Please tell me you see what I did there?) Before we get into today’s topic though, a very quick disclaimer, I don’t necessarily believe in luck. Now you’re probably even more confused. But we’ll get started anyway.

Throughout my life I’ve experienced some very unique situations that most people really can’t claim to have happened. In a way you could call me injury prone because half the things end up leaving me with random scars or marks or just stories. The weird thing about it though is that most of the time when I should probably be somewhat seriously hurt, I normally bounce right up and move on. When I should barely take a scratch or just have something like the flu, I wind up with horror stories. Hence luckily unlucky.

Still don’t understand what I mean, let me give you a couple of examples. When I was in 5th grade I got the flu. Now most people who get the flu miss a day or two. I was sick for a couple weeks. It got so bad that I had to go to the hospital to have some tests run on me. The doctor’s conclusion, “You have the Super Flu.” What’s the Super Flu? Well apparently it’s this really rare strain of the flu where the virus sort of shifts over time that occurs in very, very rare cases. Another way to say it is if you’ve ever had the flu where your whole body hurts and you don’t want to do anything, the flu where you’re just all congested and gross, and the other kind of flu where you’re running a temperature and just throwing up all the time… well take all of those and put them together and have that for a week. That’s the Super Flu. Granted it could have been something worse but that’s how the doctor more or less explained it to a 5th grader.

Another example that is very apparent if you ever played sports with me at anytime is that I’m very collision prone. Part of that is just I play aggressive and I’m not the biggest fish in the ocean. The other part is my luckily unlucky side. Soccer probably holds some of the truest examples of this. There are times when I’d be running full speed, get tripped by my opponent, and basically go sailing through the air, land in a horrible position and the worst thing that would happen is I’d get the wind knocked out of me. On the other hand, I’d do simple things like challenge for a 50/50 ball on the first day of practice and wind up severely spraining my ankle. I can’t really explain it other than odd things happen where pretty much the opposite occurs at strange points in life.

Possibly my favorite example though of just how lucky and unlucky a person can be is a story I’ve told many times since it happened. The fateful story of the time I was hit by a parked car. Yes I do realized the word parked was in front of car, and no I do not mean I ran into a car. The car hit me. The easy way to explain this is if you ever park your car and you leave your foot on the brake, when you take your foot off the brake the car moves forward. The day in question I was getting a ride from someone and they dropped me off in a parking lot. At first they were going to keep driving so they didn’t put the car in park right away. I was getting some stuff out of the back seat while this was happening. Then the luckily unlucky event occurred. As I was just starting to leave the driver decided that he was going to come inside. So as I’m closing the door to the car (on the back seat of the passenger’s side) and rotating to leave my right foot is right next to the tire. At this very moment the driver puts the car into park and takes his foot off the brake causing the car to roll forward if ever so slightly, causing the tire to roll up onto the back of my leg. At this point there is a little controversy of what actually happens next. One side of the story says the guy in the passengers seat got out and started freaking out another side says nobody freaked out. Either way at this point it was either calmly or slightly freaking out explained to the driver by the person in the passenger seat that I was trapped under the tire. The situation was quickly resolved with the car going in reverse and my pulling my leg out. I took my first step away from the car and shooting pain went up my leg not surprisingly. Looking down the back of my shoe was pretty destroyed and there was a little bit of blood from where the shoe had pressed into the skin due to the pressure. In the end though all the damage that really happened was a scar from the cut, quite a bit of swelling that went away in a few days, and a broken shoe (and maybe a little humility, pride, decency, etc). But that’s the story of how I got hit by a parked car.

Regardless of the situation though, unexpected things occurred that typically don’t happen. I’m sure other people have tons of stories about unlikely outcomes or situations that they’ve found themselves in. These unique stories are what make us who we are. Please share your unique stories in the comment section below.

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