Day 4 Biased

Everyone is biased, there are just some biases we are more accepting of. For me the 1997 Cleveland Indians are the best team that never won a world series. Granted I’m completely biased in saying that as a Cleveland Indians fan. I could make valid arguments for why the team that is the first team to ever lose a world series when taking a lead into the 9th inning of the 7th game is the greatest team to not have won, but I’ll save that for later. Rather it just shows that I am biased.

Being biased though isn’t always a bad thing. Sometimes biased is based on personal preference and personal experience, and while that can be skewed it doesn’t make it negative. It might be unfair to more logical things but that doesn’t make it negative. Saying my mom makes the best homemade bread might be biased, but how am I to know differently unless you provide me with lots and lots of homemade bread for me to sample. Sampling bias in this case isn’t negative. Equally even if your mom does make bread that might taste very comparably, arguably even better than my mom’s, I might have an unfair bias for what I grew up on. It’s just the way things are. Life isn’t fair.

I’m biased because of how I was raised, where I was raised, around who I was raised. This doesn’t make me better or worse than anyone else, it makes me different, but it also makes me biased. The fact that I grew up watching certain Saturday morning cartoons makes me think that the quality of cartoons has really tanked in the past few years. Maybe it’s bias that the original Power Rangers are always going to be cooler than whatever random kind of Power Ranger is on tv now.

Of course for all you Dr. Who fans, there will always be a bias based on who you were brought up around and who you experienced first because the order will always determine what you think of other Doctors. If you only started watching recently then how will you ever fully appreciate the sophisticated for it’s time, prime time, amazing special effects of old school television? So while I could simply sit here and make a list of all the things I’m biased about, it’s much easier just to explain that I’m biased, life is unfair, and that’s okay.

If I haven’t seen what you consider to be the greatest movie of all time, then maybe you should invite me over and we can watch it and discuss it afterwards. It doesn’t necessarily going to change my mind about what is the greatest movie of all time (The Princess Bride!!!), but again life isn’t fair. So the important thing is to understand I’m not trying to do something impossible like climb the cliffs of insanity, I’m just stating that I know I’m biased and it is who I am. I do also understand that miracles do happen, so don’t accuse me of trying to blave you if I ever change my mind about things. It’s really not inconceivable.

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