Day 2 Organized Chaos (Just one of many oxymorons I appreciate)

If you ever venture into my organizational system (yes I have one) you will be completely and utterly confused. This is because my organizational system is designed by a crazy person. The key is simply to understand the rule used to organize things.

So you might be asking, “how do you organize your life?” Well it comes down to 3 simple questions: What am I doing? What should I be doing and If they are different how do I turn AM into SHOULD?” That sounds really simple, so why is it organized chaos?? Well the chaos comes in the implementation of the system. What I should be doing varies greatly depending on priorities. You have to constantly be balancing long term goals with short term goals. You have to balance self preservation (things like eating) with highly suggested or recommended activities (reading for class, exercising, or socializing with your friends so they stay your friends). You have to balance metaphysical questions like “what’s the purpose of life” with simple but extraordinary things like “it’s friday night do I want to go out and do things or sit in my sweatpants, curl up in bed, and play videogames all night?” This varies for every person and every situation. Right there you’ve created the chaos. Good job Paul, you haven’t really explained anything at all but you’ve sort of got half an explanation done (I already warned you this wasn’t going to be organized, so welcome to my world).

Branching out from that chaos comes some rules to live by outside of that. For me I have certain principles and standards that I hold myself accountable to (probably coming sometime in the future so look out for that). These standards then create a sort of organization system that I use to help me guide myself through the chaos. One of those standards is that I try to make the world better everyday in some way (not always the easiest thing to measure but that’s not the point of this article so please save that for a day I talk about standards of measurement). This standard though while a little daunting in scale also gives me the opportunity to take every moment in the day to try to make the world a better place. Maybe it’s having a conversation with a friend that helps them to realize how they can be better at their job or a better friend, or have a better relationship… might not seem like an amazing thing but it makes the world a little better. Maybe it’s helping recycle, maybe it’s taking the bus instead of driving. Regardless that principle, helps guide what I’m doing because I feel it matches a standard of what I should be doing.

Similarly, I try to find patterns in everything. Even if it has nothing to do with anything, because I like to think through things and make connections to everything I tend to organize a lot of chaos. Even something as simple as staring across a lunch room or hallway and see how you can make connections between people you know and even sometimes making connections with people you don’t know (people having specific books, clothes, etc can tell you a little bit about someone you’ve never met or maybe never even seen in your life… why yes I do like Sherlock Holmes, how did you ever guess?) These connections though I hope help me make better connections in conversations and with jobs in that the more connection you have with others the better you are able to speak a common language. Shared experience and shared analogy provide a background to let you successfully talk with people in a way that both people completely understand, where other forms of teaching you hope that both parties understand but it’s not always completely clear.

If I haven’t already confused you, or if I’ve somewhat provided chaos to what should have been a simple article then let me finish by saying this: Everything in life is as simple or as complicated as you let it be.


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