And So It Begins Day 1 Imperfection

Recently I was asked who are you and what do you stand for? Realizing that there isn’t really a good answer to that question I’ve decided to take a year and try to explain a little of who I am. So for the next 365 days (or at least 365 posts about it) I’m going to try and explain a little of who I am. Part of this is for my benefit in a search to find that ever elusive answer of who am I. Another part hopefully is for those who choose to read this that they might gain a better of understanding of who I am, but also maybe to inspire them to search their own identity for who they are. So without further ado, the first word to describe me is:


I’m not perfect. It’s true. As much as I’d like it to be sometimes I’m just not. Sadly neither are you. That’s okay though. Dictionaries use terms like fault, or flaw, or blemish, or undesirable. In some ways I suppose that’s true, some of the things I do, say, think, believe, and feel might be some of those words. Faulty logic is very common, especially since we are not omniscient individuals (HINT: if you have to look up omniscient then you are not omniscient). Regardless of that imperfections are actually the defining characteristics of who we are.

One of the ways in which I think that this can be best described is the idea of play-doh or clay structures. When you were a little kid or if you have little kids then you will know that play-doh comes in a can and when you take it out the first time it’s all one color. You will also know that if you were a kid or have kids that after a couple of times of playing with play-doh that it stops being one color per can. Now some people might see the mixing of blue and green play-doh as an imperfection. But to a kid, play-doh is play-doh. Only as adults to we view the merging of colors as imperfect.

How often in our own lives then do we bump into others and pick up some of who they are. When we play and mold ourselves into whatever we want to be, do we limit ourselves to just what was provided to us? Or do we merge and immerse ourselves within a greater combination of those around us. Some will say that it makes it ugly when you roll all the colors together, but why?

While I as a human am imperfect in that I don’t always do or think or feel or say or whatever perfectly all the time, it does not condemn me to total imperfection. I am me. There is no one else who is me. The only way I can claim that is if I allow all those who pass by me to take a little part of me and to also give a little part to me. While some may view my imperfection as a flaw, I view it as who I am.  It is also these little imperfections that show me that I can always do better, that I am not and will not be perfect and will always need someone outside of myself to help me. Which therein lies the real reason for imperfection. If we are all perfect what need would we have for everyone else. But since I am imperfect I NEED you, and hope that in some ways you need me.

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